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kmmp Catalog (USB flash drive)

Version E2017-01-0 for update.

Please put your USB-stick in a free USB-socket of your computer. All eventually opened catalogue pages and PDF-files of the USB-stick should be closed. Please click on the up-date symbol. - separate window opens by finding a zip-directory with the name USB-Catalog". Please click with the left mouse button on this directory and go to “save”. Then select a memory location and download this file. After a successful download double-click on the zip-file or go to “extract” by clicking the right mouse button (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7). Then copy the zipped file "Data" on your USB-stick. The existing directory "Data" on the USB-stick will be overwritten und the catalogue files will be up-dated. After finalizing the stick can be cancelled from the computer under “delete hardware safely” (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7).

Note: Update only for kmmp USB-Catalog.
For own USB flash drives you need still another starting file which we can send you by email.

Please send your inquiry with reference " Requirement of the starting file USB-Catalog" on:


kMMp USB flasch drive update - forced ventilation units, centrifugal fans, aluminium and cast iron components, brakes, flameproof motors, encoder
Update USB-Catalog (180 MB)

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kMMP News  New kmmp logo

Our logo has changed.

From   to 

Our data sheets and documents will be marked with the new logo in the future.
From 2019 our new homepage will be online.
We are looking forward to your visit.

kMMP News  ELPROM Ex-Motors in frame 160 & 180

Elprom EX Motor frame 160 und 180 We are pleased to announce that our Elprom Aluminium Flameproof motors have two new frame sizes!

Previously our offering was from 56-132 and now additional 160 & 180 frames. The two added frames are available in II 2G Ex d(e) IIC T4 Gb, IP66 and Amb.temps to 60°c.

The complete range features Atex & IECEx and offer both IEC standard and NEMA frame dimensions.

We look forward to receiving your latest requirements and our motor team look forward to assisting you

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kMMP News  Forced ventilation units type MW available in 24V DC

NEW and now available – forced ventilation units of series MW in voltage 24V DC, IP 66 for frame 56 (63) up to frame 112.
Standard series availalble in voltage 230-277V, 50/60Hz for single-phase
as well as 346-525 V, 50Hz resp. 280-575V, 60Hz for three-phase.

UL/CSA certified and suitable for ambient temperature to 60°C.
Cowls / adaptors to be made customized.

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kMMP News  Sales and Marketing

New  distributor in Colombia.
Starting from March 2014 our new partner INGEAG sells kMMp-products in South America.

From Senspeed to Axis Controls
Our distributer  Senspeed  in England changed his name to Axis Controls.

kMMP News  AVTRON Drehgeber für höchste Ansprüche

Drehgeber von AVTRON As German / European general agency of AVTRON we offer you incremental encoder.
Failures of encoders are the past. Advanced sensor technology and a robust construction make them insensitive to external influences such as dust, dirt and water.

magnetic encoder work without wear and offer a maximum of operational safety.

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kMMP News  Flameproof Motors by kMMp

flameproof motors by kMMp kmmp - Flameproof motors - available at stock / Kalefeld

We supply from our existing stocks in Kalefeld / Germany flameproof motors, fabricate Cemp, FPM (once F&G) - ATB, RAEL and Elprom in frame sizes IEC 56 to 200 (0,12 to 37 kW), available in IE1 and IE2

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kMMP News  Entry Certificate

with the forthcoming business year 2014 a new document will become effective, i.e. the so-called “Entry Certificate”.

This Entry Certificate serves as proof of entry to an intra-Community supply into another EU member state.

With this certificate the customer confirms the receipt of the goods as well as to when goods have been received at their facilities.

As from 1 Jan 2014 all German exporters are obligated by the German law to present this document duly filled-in by the customer / consignee within 4 weeks after dispatch of the goods to the German authorities.

Thus, we would ask you for your assistance to fill-in and return this document to the indicated e-mail address.

Should we not return this document to the German authorities within 4 weeks then we are obligated by the German law to debit your company with the 19 % Vat applicable within Germany.

For further questions please contact us.


kMMP News kMMp - Noise reduzed forced ventilation units (Blower kits)

Ex Motoren ATEX von kMMp

Forced Ventilation Units Made in Germany

Forced ventilations in IP 66 (Noise reduced). The main feature of this forced ventilation series is a extreme low noise level at a simultaneous high air volume.

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kMMP News  plastic terminal boxes IP65

New in our delivery program - plastic terminal boxes in protection IP65

terminal box IP65 plastic
  • usable without additional mechanical work
  • solid design
  • incl. cover gasket
  • corrosion-resistant
  • optional second cable input
  • protection class IP65

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kMMP News  AOE Certification
AEO & kMMp Since 31. December 2010 we are certified for AOE. (authorized trading party customs legalized simplification)

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kMMP News  present on You Tube  

Now, you find us on the platform of YouTube. There we show you videos of our last fairs as well as short information videos. Please come around and visit us.

Find us on YouTube - kMMp - Components for Electric Motors


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