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We offer a wide range of components for electric motors.

We supply stator emty casings, endshields, flanges and termianl boxes made of di-cast aluminium respectively of  cast-iron in frame sizes 56 - 400. Additionally stator-rotor packs, extruded statorcasings, fans, fan cowls, protection canopies and many other accessories suitable for our components.

These accessories are compatible respectively can be used for many other OEM.

components for electric motors iron casting and aluminium

Forced Ventilation Units (FBI)

In most areas in the modern electric drives electric motors controlled by y frequency inverter are used. At frequency ranges down to zero the self-ventilation is non-existing and thus a forced ventilation is required.

We offer our external forced ventilation units from frame size 56 up to 560. This forced ventilation unit consists of a axial driven fan which is integrated in a fan cowl for protection against damages.


In addition to our standard series which are available from existing stocks we supply also forced ventilation units customized to be assembled on all available OEM-motors.

Our company´s strength is the flexibility and the realization of our customer´s requirements.

Forced ventilation units for inverter electro motors

Mistral Centrifugal Fans

MISTRAL Aspiratori Ventilatori s.r.l. has been manufacturing industrial centrifugal fans and ducted axial fans for more than 40 years.

centrifugal fans Mistral

Flameproof Motors

Kurt Maier Motor-Press GmbH is the German representative of Cemp, FPM (once F&G) - ATB, Elprom and RAEL flameproof motors.

At our warehouse in Kalefeld we have available at shortest delivery times flameproof motors in version II 2G EEx-d(e) IIC T4 in frame sizes IEC 63 -160 in 2-pole version and IEC 63 - 180 in 4-pole-version, available with PTC thermistors to be driven on frequency inverter, mounting B3, B5 of B14 (up to frame size 132).

Explosionsgeschützte Elektromotoren cemp FPM ATB (once F&G) RAEL cemp

AVTRON Tacho Generators & Encoders

Optical and magnetic Encoder

Optical hollow-shaft-encoder with unbreakable disk for light  mill and mill duty. Magnetic encoder for mill and heavy mill duty

AVTRON optical and magnetic incremental encoder