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Components made of die-cast aluminium

Stator housings, bolted feet, endshields, flanges and terminal boxes made of die-cast aluminium, available in frame size 56 – 180.

Aluminiumkomponenten für Elektromotoren

Available from existing stocks – unmachined. The components can be supplied machined to customer´s requirements. Smaller batch sizes on machined components are available from existing stocks (stator housings to be machined after shrinking-in process only). The stator housings will be supplied with a inner diameter ready for the shrinking-in of the stator pack.

The shrinking-in can be done by ourselves – on request.


Components made of cast-iron

Components such as stator housings, endshields, flanges, terminal boxes and various accessories are available from frame size 80 – 400.

Graugusskomponeten für Elektromotoren 

Customized and machined components can be supplied according to customer´s drawings.


Statorhousing extruded aluminium

Extruded Stator housings made of aluminium frame 56 to 132 for individual drive solutions such as servo-motors, circular saws or - if required - extra long housings. Available from existing stocks are various profiles at a length of 3000 mm or cut to customized length.

Strangguss aus Aluminium von kMMp 

Further, we offer customized profiles according to your demand.

Other fields of application for these extruded stator housings are hydraulic cases or cooling elements for electronic components.


 Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans made of plastic and die-cast aluminium are available with keyway or with clamping device.

Lüfterflügel für Elektromotoren 

Ventilation fans made of die-cast aluminium can be supplied in frame size 80 to 355, either machined or unmachined and balanced.

All ventilation fans are universally suitable for different motor types. 


Custom-made Ventilation Fans

Unidirectional ventilation fans with a diameter of 250 mm to 2745 mm. Pinhole to be made according to customer´s requirements. Ventilation fans available in either glass-fibre reinforced plastic or aluminium; application temperature – 40 °C to 110 °C and up to 150 °C  with aluminium (245°C *).

Sonderlüfterflügel mit verschidenen Flügelprofilen 

Individual air performance can be achieved by the pre-selection of different setting angles of the ventilation fans. The advantage compared with customary ventilation fans is the very good efficiency at a low input power and a low noise level.

Ventilation fans are available as rotating counter clockwise and clockwise fans and - as special versions – suitable for reversing duty.

(*-60°C - 245°C structural dependent with ventilation fans made of aluminium)

Enquiry data sheet (PDF-form)



Fan Cowls

Standardized fan cowls and one-part fan cowls available in frame size 56 – 355.

Lüfterhauben für Elelktromotoren 

Rain covers are available in all frame sizes and can also be offered as a complete unit with rain cover welded on to a fan cowl, ready for assembly.

The fan cowls are available either unmachined, primed, galvanized, with/without side punching.

Fan cowls can be individually adapted to all motor types. Diameter, length and side punching can be selected individually. The fan cowls can be supplied with hand air cooling notch as well as with special bores.


Stator-Packs and die-cast Rotors

Stator packs and die-cast rotors (three-phase) available in IEC fame size 56 – 355, 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-poles. The standard core lengths are available in frame size 56 – 180 from existing stocks.

Stator Rotor Paket

As from size 200, we supply on an order basis. The rotors can be supplied in either pure aluminium or casted alloy silumin.

The short-circuit rings are standardized available with fins and studs.

Our stator packs are suitable for the stator housings offered in our delivery programme. Special or customized versions can be made available upon request.

Further, we offer among our delivery programme core stacks and rotor laminations suitable for D.C. motors in frame GM 80-4 up to 132-4.



Following accessories are part of our delivery programme:

Zubehör für Elektromotoren

Terminal boards, Terminal box gaskets, motor capacitor, tie rods, slotted cover sheets and clamping collars to customer´s drawing as well as  circulation pumps.


Brakes AC / DC

As distributer of Temporiti we offer you a wide range of AC / DC brakes for electric motors

Temporiti Bremsen für Elektromotoren AC / DC  Temporiti by kMMp 

General Characteristics of the brakes:

  • 98/37/EEC Machine Instructions Regulation
  • 73/23/EEC Low Voltage Regulation
  • 93/68/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation
  • 60335-1-CEI Safety of electric devices for domestic use Regulation
  • Regulation VDE  0580
  • Certificate UL/CSA File E210965 - EE219203
  • Certification ISO 9001:2010
  • 95/16/CE: TÜV Institute
  • Atex Ex Group II class 1 GD d T6 IIC in phase of certification nearby TUV SÜD 0123
  • New Machine Instructions 2006-42

The most important applications of our products are in the power transmission system market, particularly electric motors, gearboxes, d.c. motors and brushless motors, and Industrial Movement Industry (electric trucks, cranes and lifting machines). With a wide choice of braking torques, from 0,1 Nm to 4000 Nm. 

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